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Definition of TRICHOME
: a filamentous outgrowth; especially : an epidermal hair structure on a plant

Origin of TRICHOME

German Trichom, from Greek trichōma growth of hair, fromtrichoun to cover with hair, from trich-, thrix hair

First Known Use: 1875

Medical Definition of TRICHOME

: a strand or chain of cells (as in a filamentous colony of bacteria or algae)

Source: Meriam Webster
  • TITLE: angiosperm (plant)
    SECTION: Dermal tissue
    The trichomes (pubescences) that often cover the plant body are the result of divisions of epidermal cells. Trichomes may be either unicellular or multicellular and are either glandular, consisting of a stalk terminating in a glandular head, or nonglandular, consisting of elongated tapering structures. Leaf and stem trichomes increase the reflection of solar radiation, thereby reducing internal…
  • TITLE: angiosperm (plant)
    SECTION: Leaves
    …are many modifications limiting transpiration: two examples are a multilayered epidermis covered by thick layers of epicuticular wax or mucilages secreted into stomates; another is dense mats of trichomes on both surfaces of the leaf and guard cells and stomata sunken into the lower surface and often lined with numerous trichomes, which trap moisture, thereby inhibiting total water loss….