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Three Types of Natural Human Hair

Three Types of Natural Human Hair

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Various Classification Systems

  1. Andre Walker worked out a classification system for hair using numbers1–4 and letters a,b and c for grouping different types of natural hair based on the amount of curl or wave. 1a would be very straight, densely packed hair while 4c would be tightly curled, loosely packed hair.

  2. The LOIS hair classification system identifies natural hair types based on pattern, strand size and texture. The acronym LOIS describes the general hair pattern and the letters stand for the following: L=Bend, O=Curl, I=Straight, and S=Wave (how the hair strands respond when wet).

  3. L’OrĂ©al’s MIZANI Natural Curl Key is a classification system that recognizes eight distinct hair types using Roman numerals. It ranges from type I being straight or minimally waved hair to type VIII being zigzag coiled hair. This system is based more on hair pattern than on hair volume or its response to moisture.

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