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Three Custom Color New TAI Lip Shine for ADA

Tai Lip Shine

Tai Lip Shine
by BionicBeauty
In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month this November, Three Custom Color is introducing TAI™ Lip Shine. TAI™ is a sheer burnished copper with flecks of bronze shimmer and lots of shine, which Trae (one of the co-founders of Three Custom Color) personally created for Celebrity Hair Stylist Diane Da Costa and Diane’s clients of every skin tone.

I adore Three Custom Color’s Doubles lip gloss (created for Sophia Coppola). Doubles is a sheer burgundy brown that is lovely by itself and overtop lip liners or other lip colors. The formula is just amazing! It’s not sticky, doesn’t wander and there’s no icky scent. For those reasons, TAI™ would certainly fall into my “must-have” lip gloss products; plus it has the added benefit of donating 20% of the proceeds to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) during the months of November and December. Funds will be used to support the ADA’s efforts in contributing to diabetes research, information, and advocacy.

TAI™ Lip Shine is available for $19.50. In an effort to raise as much for the ADA as possible, and encourage you to “share the love” and order 3 glosses and get FREE shipping (enter TAI at checkout). This is a fab gift idea for the upcoming holidays!