The Book of Threes

Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes


The Gematria Values of the Greek Gods
Apollo, Zeus, and Hermes

On a higher level,  Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes were  also mathematical  metaphors. The diagram below illustrates how the Greek spelling of each god’s name results in a gematria value that can be used to unite the gods in a single Sacred Geometry diagram.

APOLLO = APOLLWN = 1+80+70+30+30+800+50 = 1061 
ZEUS = ZEUS = 7+5+400+200 = 612
HERMES = `ERMHS = 5+100+40+8+200 = 353

The length of the red line BB by computation is equal to the gematria value of Zeus (612).

The diameter AA of the green circle is exactly equal to the gematria value of Apollo (1061).

The diameter of each of the three bright yellow circles is equal to the gematria value of Hermes (353).

The .666 decimal remainder of the gematria value of Hermes brings out his solar nature through the sum of the numbers that form the magic square of the sun. The three Hermes circles also bring out Herme’s titleTrismegistos, meaning “thrice greatest.”  The diagram shown here is only one of the many ways these three Greek gods can be depicted as Sacred Geometry diagrams.

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