The Book of Threes


TricliniumHere we see a platform arranged to form three sides of a square (tri-clinium = “three reclining places room”).  This platform would have been spread with  pillows to allow for comfortable reclining.  There was a strict protocol to the placement of diners.  The family reclined on the right, with the host at the top.  The rest of the platform was for guests, with the middle segment  reserved for distinguished guests.  The spot on the middle section nearest the host on the right hand section was the place for the most honored guest.  Note that this particular triclinium is intended to take advantage of warmer weather;  there would have been another more protected triclinium in this house for colder weather.
Definition of TRICLINIUM
1: a couch extending around three sides of a table used by the ancient Romans for reclining at meals
2: a dining room furnished with a triclinium
Latin, from Greek triklinion, from tri- + klinein to lean, recline — more at lean
First Known Use: 1646

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