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Tria is Philadelphia's bar-cafe that celebrates the fermentation trio of wine, cheese and beer.

Tria is the cafe that specializes in the Fermentation Trio of wine, cheese and beer. Wonderful stuff, indeed. Sadly, almost all wines, cheeses and beers sold in the United States are bland, insipid products churned out by scientists in factories. Tria's mission is to bring to you only the good stuff—wines, cheeses and beers crafted by artisans, as in the past, before the Wonder Breadification of our food supply. The difference is in the taste.

Just as important as what we serve is how and where we serve it—Tria, above all, is a friendly and comfortable place for hanging out, day or night. No pretensions. No attitude. After all, we're talking about FARM PRODUCTS here! No need for a big hullabaloo to enjoy fermented grapes, milk and grain.


Tria is located at the northeast corner of 18th & Sansom Streets, just a half block north of beautiful Rittenhouse Square, directly behind the Hotel Sofitel. (Sansom Street runs a half block north of Walnut Street, and a half block south of Chestnut Street.) 

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