The Book of Threes

Three Ways to Hide Roots

  • Change your part. This is an easy solution to many hair dilemmas. If you have highlights only on the top of your head, it can end up making your hair look darker — but the roots will look less severe.
  • Spray on some hair powder. Usually used like dry shampoo, Bumble and bumble Hair Powder can also touch up roots. Tip: most blondes will actually want to use the white shade, not the "blondish" one.
  • Use a wash-out color product. ColormarkPro is a marker-type product made to cover gray roots. In a major bind (like, your colorist's work visa got revoked and you're getting married tomorrow), try regular brown or black mascara to cover gray on black hair. Blondes and redheads can try Frederic Fekkai Hair Mascara

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