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Theory of Physical Elements of Three

(translation from French to English using Google translation from

This theory of fundamental physics is to unify and generalize the current theories of physics.  His immediate theoretical results are as follows:

– It is exactly in line with the relativity-it is an extension of special relativity

– which extends the theory of general relativity

– Conformity total electromagnetism

– Compliance with quantum mechanics

– Compliance with the standard model


The physical theory of the three elements is a unifying theory as string theory.

Its basic elements, constituents, are not "strings" but 3 elements: light, bubble, spacetime. The "light" is seen as a point is "spreading" in space at a constant speed c. A bubble is a sphere or a torus of warped space, in which light can propagate on its surface only. The space is seen as an element. He holds a Riemannian structure, but the metric is locally Euclidean (ds2 = dx2 + dy2 + dz2 + c2 dt2).

These 3 elements are in constant interaction with each towards the other. Notably light distorts space: space tipped about 90 degrees near the bright point.  The space alters the shape of the light paths because they are surveying. The bubbles alter the trajectories light because the light must travel only on the surface of the bubbles. They follow the path of enlightenment they contain, which trajectories are guided by the structure of space-time.

From this Constitution, we find all the laws of special relativity and general all  electromagnétisme, it is consistent with the very general principles of the standard model, it is consistent with quantum mechanics, and the structure of the atom is fully recovered until the smallest details (ilôt instability of atomic number 114 …).

Finally this theory gives explanations simple and very direct current to the mysteries of physics (quantum non-separability, missing masses, except neutrino etc.). A particular mention in this list, as determined in a particularly spectacular: the paradoxes of relativity, the twins in particular, gravitational waves, except for the neutrino, the masses missing.