The Book of Threes

The Magic Square of the Sun


How the names Jesus and Christ are linked to the number “666”

Jesus Christ numerology chart

When the risen Jesus (8880) is superimposed over the 6×6 gridwork of the Magic Square of the Sun some amazing things happen. 

  • The circled numbers on the magic square form the Greek letter “X” which is the “sign” of Christ.
  • The circumference of each circle by calculation is 1480 units, the exact gematria value of the title Christ (CristoV = 1480)!
  • The sum of all the numbers in the field of the magic square of the sun (666) added to the sum of the numbers in the twelve Christ 
  • circles (222) is equal to the number of Jesus (888)!

Finally, the diagonal of each square that holds a Christ circle by calculation is “666” units!!!

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