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‘Three sides to every story’: Behind Trinity Mirror’s news-aggregation app


When launching a mobile news app, publishers don’t usually start by aggregating other publishers’ news. But that’s what Trinity Mirror is doing with its latest app, Perspecs.

The publisher, which already has 30 tablet editions and 14 news apps (Android and iOS) across its national and regional titles — including its biggest, Daily Mirror app — is now testing audience appetite for its own curation of third-party news and opinion aggregation.

The plan is not to offer breaking-news updates but to manually curate 10 stories from other publishers, which will run as a daily edition. Three different articles, often with opposing viewpoints, will run on each story, representing the left, neutral and right-wing political perspectives on the same story.

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Storytelling With the Magic of Threes

by Chris King

If we start to remember the familiar stories of our childhood, or look back on the fairytales collected by the brothers Grimm, or even recall or discover plots and characters in folktales from all over the world, we will notice a universal element — the use of threes. Remember "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and the "Three Little Pigs." Usually, if someone is given wishes, they are given three wishes. Many tales include three brothers. In this article, I am going to suggest why I think the use of threes in storytelling is so prevalent. But I would also love to hear ideas from you about the whys and hows of using three. Continue reading Storytelling With the Magic of Threes