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Star of David

star of david


Star of David

Star of David

  The Star of David is an ancient symbol. It is composed of two triangles on top of each other, one with a point up, the other with the point down. This symbolizes the higher Trinity and the lower Trinity coming together to create wholeness, balance and protection.

The Archetypal Mandala of the Star of David

by Margaret Starbird

The mandala of the hexagram, also known as the “Star of David” is much older than Judaism, older even than history! As an archetypal symbol for the sacred union of the opposite energies, it is the “yin-yang” of western civilization. Formed by the intertwining of the “fire” and “water” triangles (the male “blade” and the female “chalice”) this symbiol represents the masculine and feminine principles in perfect union, the “sacred marriage” or “hieros gamous” of the ancient world.

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