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The Three Little Birds

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

About a thousand or more years ago, there were in this
country nothing but small kings, and one of them who lived
on the Keuterberg was very fond of hunting.  Once on a time
when he was riding forth from his castle with his huntsmen,
three girls were watching their cows upon the mountain, and
when they saw the king with all his followers, the eldest girl
pointed to him, and called to the two other girls, hullo.  Hullo.
If I do not get that one, I will have none.  Then the second
girl answered from the other side of the hill, and pointed to
the one who was on the king’s right hand, hullo.  Hullo. If

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The Three Little Men in the Wood

Grimm’s fairy tales

There was once a man whose wife died, and a woman whose husband died, and the man had a daughter, and the woman also had a daughter.  The girls were acquainted with each other, and went
out walking together, and afterwards came to the woman in her
house.  Then said she to the man’s daughter, listen, tell your
father that I would like to marry him, and then you shall
wash yourself in milk every morning, and drink wine, but my own
daughter shall wash herself in water and drink water.  The girl
went home, and told her father what the woman had said.  The
man said, what shall I do.  Marriage is a joy and also a torment.
At length as he could come to no decision, he pulled off his boot,
and said, take this boot, it has a hole in the sole of it.  Go with
it up to the loft, hang it on the big nail, and then pour water into
it.  If it hold the water, then I will again take a wife, but if it
run through, I will not.  The girl did as she was bid, but the water
drew the hole together and the boot became full to the top.  She
informed her father how it had turned out.  Then he himself went up, and when he saw that she was right, he went to the widow and wooed her, and the wedding was celebrated.

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