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Three storms, dark forecast: ‘Frankenstorm’ a three-headed monster

Hurricane SandyThree storms, dark forecast: ‘Frankenstorm’ a three-headed monster
By Michael Muskal
9:46 AM PDT, October 26, 2012

The eastern half of the United States is bracing for a trio of powerful storms, including Hurricane Sandy, to hit in the coming days, bringing fierce winds, pounding rains and the potential for widespread damage, flooding and power outages.

As of Friday morning, Hurricane Sandy was over the Bahamas, traveling northwest at about 10 miles per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center. It was packing winds of at least 80 mph as it moved through the Caribbean, where more than 20 deaths were reported.

The hurricane was expected to turn northeast, the National Weather Service said, and strike the U.S. mainland somewhere along the East Coast — anywhere from the Carolinas to New Jersey to New England — probably late Sunday or early Monday. There is also a chance it could go back out to sea. But the storm is expected to wallop the entire region and emergency officials are advising coastal areas especially to begin preparing for the worst.


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