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three-point landing

3 point landing

NOUN: An airplane landing in which the two main wheels and the nose wheel, tail wheel, or tailskid all touch the ground simultaneously. Continue reading three-point landing

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Color television

Television tube

Baird was an early pioneer in this area, and one of the first techniques developed employed a system whereby the normal frame frequency was increased by a factor of three, each successive frame containing the material for one primary color. Continue reading Color television

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How small can a genome be and still remain functional?

Henry Gee investigates


Tuesday April 24, 2001 The Guardian


Once upon a time, many hundreds of millions of years ago, a few bacteria – a committee of microbes – got together to form the first eukaryote, the first cell with an organised nucleus.

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one of the three commonly recognized states in which matter occurs, i.e., that state, as distinguished from solid and gas, in which a substance has a definite volume but no definite shape.    1

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Three Little Pigs



Once upon a time there were three little pigs who lived with their mother.

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St. Patrick’s Day

In New Orleans on St. Patrick’s Day – Cabbages, carrots and potatoes are traditional for St. Patrick’s parade since the Irish’s most known meal is corned beef and cabbage, which includes potatoes (an Irish national vegetable) and the carrots for color.

 CORRECTION —————————————-

The Green–Cabbage—represents the Catholics
The Orange–Carrots–represents the Protestants
The White–Potato—represents Unity

Just like the flag.

CORRECTION —————————————-

I’m Irish – and have never known Corned Beef to be an Irish dish. Bacon & Cabbage –
Yes, but Corned Beef – NO.

Also, how about