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CBS – Columbia Broadcasting System

CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System)CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) is a major television network and radio broadcaster in the United States. One of the pioneer radio networks, from its earliest days CBS established a reputation for quality; prior to the fracturing of the market under cable television, CBS's television network was one of three which dominated broadcasting in the United States.

The network is owned by the media conglomerate Viacom (itself once a subsidiary of CBS).

Les Moonves is chairman of CBS and vice-chairman of parent company Viacom. Prior to 1998, Moonves was president of CBS Entertainment.

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ABC, American Broadcasting Company


ABC debuted in 1943.

After the FCC began in 1937 to devise a way to separate NBC's two networks, RCA sold NBC-Blue to Edwad Noble (Lifesavers) for $8 million. In 1945 The Blue Network, Inc, bought the name "American Broadcasting Company" from George Storer.

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NBC, National Broadcasting Company


The fortunes of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) have always been closely tied to those of its parent company, Radio Corporation of America (RCA). Unlike CBS, which was formed as an independent programming enterprise, NBC came into existence as the subsidiary of an electronics manufacturer which saw programming as a form of marketing, an enticement to purchase radio and television receivers for the home. The power and influence of a national network aided RCA as it lobbied to see its technology adopted as the industry standard, particularly during the early years of television and in the battle over color television.

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