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Stop, Look and Listen

Stop, Look and Listen – Learning Safety Signs

By Dale Bratt

One of the many things that people value is safety and its importance is so obvious. Every single day, people are constantly reminding other people of the importance of safety. Whether on several TV advocate ads or the simple safety signs that can be seen on the street, it is quite obvious that they totally value safety. And it is no surprise that people constantly reiterate its importance because nobody really wants other people to have an accident that could change their lives forever.

But despite that constant reminder of safety in everywhere people look, these reminders are often ignored. The safety signs are regularly overlooked and things like fire prevention are usually not taken seriously.

Safety signs were created to guide and advice the people of potential fire exits, hazards, and safety rules to prevent accidents and catastrophic events from happening. There are a lot of different safety signs available in different parts of the city, homes, and buildings and the most common safety sign that people use is for fire prevention.

Fire prevention is common practice that people do all over the world to prevent fire from happening. According to statistics, fire is one of the top leading causes of death all over the world and the mortality rate from fire is continuously growing and growing every year. With that, more and more people are becoming extra vigilant against fire to avoid falling victim to this blazing inferno.

Common fire safety signs that people could see are fire exits and fire extinguishers. The fire exit sign informs people where to go if ever a fire broke out. This guides the people of the safest route to take to get out of a burning building. The fire extinguisher sign on the other hand, notifies the people where to get the fire extinguisher or where it is located. It is important to know where the extinguishers are to be able to immediately put out a small fire.

Some work places or schools have the fire action notices posted in key areas of the building. This sign contains information about what to do in case there is fire. It gives the gist of what people should look for and should know during a fire emergency to be able to get out of the building to survive. These kinds of signs are mandated by the government to be placed inside the building as part of the fire prevention policies and regulations.

Most people may ignore safety signs and may take it for granted but where an emergency is happening, it is important to have presence of mind and to know what these signs mean. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the signs and its meaning and remember that safety signs are there for a reason. That is why it is important that the people knows its value and knows how to follow it. And though these signs may deem simple, who knows, it could be the very reason of anyone’s survival and escape.

Dale Bratt gives practical tips on choosing the right safety signs and fire prevention.

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