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sports in three

 Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh is located in the confluence of Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers.

The number of times that a team allowed to touch a volleyball before it crosses the net, except the service, in a volleyball game.
The jersey numbers most commonly worn by starting defenders in soccer: 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
The score of a triple-bogey made for a hole in a game of golf.
A hole in golf course is either par-3, par-4 or par-5.
The score of a field goal in an American football game. An extra field goal after a touchdown scores only 1 point.
The offensive team in an American football game must forward the football 10 yards in 3 or maximum 4 consecutive downs (i.e., attempts to run or pass) in order to keep the football after a “first down and ten”.
The score of a 3-point field goal (behind the 3-point arc) made in a basketball game.
In a basketball game, a shooting foul committed will be penalized by two free throws, or 3 free throws if it is from a 3-point shot.
In a basketball game, an offensive player is allowed in the free throw lane for no more than 3 seconds, otherwise, a 3-second offensive violation will occur. 
Also, a defensive 3-second Rule: a defensive player, who is positioned in the free throw lane, must be actively guarding an opponent within three seconds.
A basic baseball rule: 3 strikes and out.
The number of medals for each sporting event in the Olympic Game: gold, silver and bronze.
The number of winning games needed to win a “best of five” series.
In a three-ball golf match, three players play against one another; each player plays his own ball and is playing two distinct matches.
Threesome is a golf match in which one player play against two other players and each side plays one ball only.
The diameter (in inches) of a puck used in ice hockey games.
Hat trick: the number of goals scored in one game especially by the same player, mostly popular in North America ice hockey games, even though its origin was from cricket.
The total regular playing time of a hockey match is 60 minutes: 3 playing periods, of 20 minutes each.
Siberian-style horse sled race has sleds drawn by 3 horses.
The number of balls played in a billiards table: one white cue ball, one “spot” white ball and one red ball.
The number of letters in the standard Olympic Games abbreviation for each country. Examples: CMR for Cameroon, KOR for South Korea, SUI for Switzerland…