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Types of rhyme in threes

  • dactylic: a rhyme in which the stress is on the antepenultimate (third from last) syllable (hesitant, president)
  • triple: a rhyme in which all three syllables of a three-syllable word are stressed equally.

Rhyme in French

In French, the typical two-phoneme rhyme common in English poetry is called rime suffisante.

The rime riche ("rich rhyme") of three phonemes is classically more admired. To an Anglophone ear, by contrast, this often sounds like a very weak rhyme. For example, an English perfect or identity rhyme, such as homophones flour and flower, would seem weak, whereas a French rhyme of homophones doigt and doit qualifies as rime riche. Rime richissime ("very rich rhyme") is a rhyme of more than three phonemes.

Here is a holorime (an extreme example of rime richissime spanning an entire verse):

Gall, amant de la Reine, alla (tour magnanime) Gallamant de l'Ar