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Numerology – Your number is three

If you're a Three, you are a born communicator, a positive, optimistic and highly self-expressive person. Three is the number of entertainers: Your love of people and fun and your gift of expression all lend themselves to artistic or musical pursuits. You tend to be a happy person and others are drawn to your bubbly nature. Thus, you are the life of any party and can often be found at the center of a group, making others laugh with your sharp wit and naturally well-honed instincts.


You also have a deeply intelligent and perceptive side, which can combine with your gift of self-expression to make you an artist, musician or writer of the highest caliber. You know how to 'read' your audience and respond accordingly. Your skills of perception also make you a great friend: You know what others are thinking and feeling and can therefore communicate with your loved ones on a deep, almost intuitive level. For this reason, you make a wonderful friend, lover and housemate — as long as your natural energy is allowed to flow freely.


If your natural energy and love of freedom are for some reason oppressed, you may become restless and argumentative. Even on your best days, you find it difficult to accept responsibility; you may have trouble taking orders from others or finding inspiration in a routine lifestyle. If you are in a restrictive relationship or have a job that requires you to perform mundane, repetitive tasks, you are unlikely to find yourself able to stay settled and focused for long. Your artist's soul tends toward escapism when life gets too overwhelming; rather than facing your troubles down, you may find yourself running away from the person, job or relationship that is stifling you.


In general, however, you are quite a resilient person who can bounce right back from life's troubles. You bring sunshine with you wherever you go and must try to surround yourself with other people who do the same. Close relationships with overly dictatorial, needy or depressive people are sure to block your energy. Find a partner who provides you with some stability but also allows you the freedom to be yourself, to come and go as you please, to follow your dreams wherever they may lead you.


Generally speaking, office jobs aren't for you — they tend to be too restrictive of your burgeoning creativity and individuality. Find a profession that allows you plenty of autonomy and room to grow, personally and creatively. You have a natural linguistic ability and so could be a great writer or editor; your love of expression, words and ideas could also lend itself well to a career as an actor or talk show host. You could also be a great musician, dancer, painter, interior decorator or another type of artist. Whatever you decide to do, it is likely to make others happy — you are a true 'people person' who lights up the room as soon as you enter it.