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Knowing he was near death . . .

Knowing he was near death a rich man called three of his best friends to ask their help. He had a plan on how to take some of his money with him after his death.


The three friends were a priest, a doctor and a lawyer. The guy gave each of them $50,000 in cash and told them to put the money in an envelope and after his death they were to put the money in his casket when viewing the body.


After the guy was buried the three friends got together.


The priest told the others that he only put $20,000 in the casket and used the other $30,000 to help the poor.


The doctor said he only put in $30,000 and used the remainder to fund a health care facility for the homeless.


The lawyer told then he was ashamed of what they had done. He told them that he had given his dearly departed rich friend the full amount – a $50,000 check.