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Kipling, Rudyard

Rudyard KiplingBook List:

(b. Bombay, 1864). "Soldiers Three" (1888); "The Phantom Rickshaw," etc. (1888); "Plain Tales from the Hills" (1890); "Under the Deodars" (1890); "Wee Willie Winkie," etc. (1890), "Departmental Ditties" (1890); "The Light that Failed" (1890); "In Black and White" (1891); "Life's Handicap" (1891); "Letters of Marque" (1891); "The Story of the Gadsbys" (1891); "Barrack-room Ballads and other Verses" (1892); "The Naulahka" (with C. Wolcott Balestier, 1892); "Many Inventions" (1893); "The Jungle Book" (1894); "Second Jungle Book" (1895).