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jump the shark

1. Jump the shark is a term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity.

Fonzie jumps the shark

Fonzie jumps the shark
Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on waterskis. Thus was labeled the lowest point of the show.
2. It is the precise moment when you know a program, band, actor, politician, or other public figure has taken a turn for the worse, gone downhill, become irreversibly bad, is unredeemable, etc.; the moment you realize decay has set in.
Tom Cruise jumped the shark the moment he jumped Oprah's couch.
by M. R. Traska Sep 19, 2005  

3. A defining point in any business, relationship or other human engagement in which a peer or superior behaves in a way that eliminates any traces of his/her credibility and, consequently, any sense of purpose in continuing the overall engagement.
"Things haven't been looking rosy for the company lately, but the boss totally jump the shark when he said 'no big deal' after half the best employees quit on the same day. I gotta get a new job – quick."
Jon Hein Special Report: Dancing with the Sharks
 View Full SizeWhen my inbox is flooded in a matter of seconds, one of these three things has happened.

1. A cult series has been renewed or cancelled.

2. A major character on a popular show has been killed off.

3. [url]Ted McGinley[/url] has been cast once again.

After seeing this fall's [url]Dancing with the Stars[/url] lineup, I have number three to thank for all that e-mail.

Let's start by saying that you must respect Ted. In spite of his track record as the [url]patron saint[/url] of shark jumping, he continues to get acting gigs and thank god for that.

The Dancing with the Stars folks are fully aware of Ted's checkered past, so why take a chance on the guy? It's simple: ABC has gotten a bit cocky, but with good reason.

This is the show that has made ballroom dancing with quasi-celebrities popular, and we're talking "take a chunk out of [url]American Idol[/url] ratings" popular. Tom Bergeron is the consummate host who laughs with us, not at us. Second careers and sold-out dancing tours are a sure thing for contestants who click with the audience.

And Dancing with the Stars has been carefully preparing for Ted. Trista Rehn? First one eliminated. Tatum O'Neal and George Hamilton? Ratings go up. Jerry Springer and champion Emmitt Smith? No problem. Heather Mills? Handled better than Sir Paul. Marie Osmond? Relaunched her career. Marlee Matlin? The hearing-impaired actress outdid Steve Guttenberg. There hasn't been a casting challenge that Bruno, Len and Carrie Anne haven't been able to handle.

Dancing with the Stars thrives on a controversial cast of characters, but this past season the ratings began to drop. This fall's lineup is already taking chances with Kim Kardashian, Jeffrey Ross and Susan Lucci. But the gutsy move is inviting Ted on to the dance floor with Inna Brayer.

Ted will be charming. He'll be able to dance. His smile will shine. And it all won't matter.

Good luck, Ted. It's always great to see you. The shark anxiously awaits.

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Posted by Jump the Shark Editor Aug 26, 2008 5:02 AM PDT