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Gamelyn (3 syl., g hard)

The youngest of the three sons of Sir Johan de Boundys.

On his death-bed the old knight left "five plowes of land" to each of his two elder sons, and the rest of his property to Gamelyn. The eldest took charge of the boy, but entreated him shamefully; and when Gamelyn, in his manhood, demanded of him his heritage, the elder brother exclaimed, "Stand still, gadelyng, and hold thy peace!" "I am no gadelyng," retorted the proud young spirit; "but the lawful son of a lady and true knight."

At this the elder brother sent his servants to chastise the youngling, but Gamelyn drove them off with "a pestel." At a wrestling-match held in the neighbourhood, young Gamelyn threw the champion, and carried off the prize ram; but on reaching home found the door shut against him. He at once kicked down the door, and threw the porter into a well. The elder brother, by a man