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flags in three

The number of crosses that form the United Kingdom’s flag (or the Union Jack): the red Cross of Saint George (edged in white, representing England), superimposed the diagonal red Cross of Saint Patrick (Northern Ireland), which superimposed the diagonal white Cross of Saint Andrew (Scotland). Wales is a Principality and therefore is not represented on the flag.

The number of white stars inside the blue circle on the Tennessee state flag, representing 3 different land forms of the state: mountains on the East, highlands in the middle and lowlands in the West.

The number of 6-pointed red stars outlined in green, arranged in an equitriangle at the center of the national flag of Burundi.

The number of yellow stars, each at the corner of the white equilateral triangle based on the hoist side, on the national flag of Philippines.

The number of individual rays in each of 8 primary sunrays, radiated from the yellow sun, in the same white equilateral triangle.

The number of pan-American colors (green, yellow and red), which are on the national flag of Ethiopia, the oldest independent country in Africa, and later these colors were often adopted by other African countries upon independence.