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Farrelly Brothers Reviving

“Three Stooges” won’t be a remake or a biopic, but an original script penned by the Farellys and Michael Cerrone, starring three actors who will look, sound, dress, and act just like the Stooges. The movie will be structured similarly to the original short films, and feature a story that will span over three installments that are roughly 30 minutes each.

“When the economy started turning, we felt like the world could use a Stooges slapfest. Bobby and I haven’t done a real physical comedy in a while, and it’s the most exciting thing we could think of now, to have people go to the movie, see some great slapstick fun family humor. We know this is extremely difficult to pull off; we realize some Stooges fans will be upset no matter what we do,” Peter Farrelly said. “We love the Stooges and honor their memory, and we don’t want them to disappear. We hope that next Thanksgiving, dads will introduce their kids to the Stooges and create a new generation of knuckleheads.”

As if this story wasn’t crazy enough, there will actually be a nationwide, “American Idol”-like search to find an unknown to play Curly, the most physically adept member of the trio. If you have always dreamed of being slapped around by the Stooges, this will be your chance — and if physical comedy isn’t your forte, never fear. The Farrellys are going to hold a second contest to find several short comedy films to play before their Stooges movie. One way or another, I expect you MTV readers to represent when the time comes! We’d like to say we knew you when.

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