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Книга Трех

Threes CompanyКнига Трех

Оставьте меня в покое!



Миша Эк

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Why Do We Believe That Catastrophes Come in Threes?

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Friday, July 28, 2006


I missed my poem last week, and need one for this week, And I’ll be far to the north of computer access, nevermind internet next week. So that’s 3 weeks worth of poems, in one post.

so three poems, each poem having three lines, each line having three sylables.


Cloudey Day
Sun shines through
Rain may bless

Balance Stone
not alone
resting mind

Walking free
Beside thee
soon loves Tied

so was that a good idea or an artistic cop out. Any way heres some info on three.

In norse mythology the world tree Yggdrasil has three roots One reaches into the underworld Hel another to the world of the Frost-Giants, and the last one to the world of human beings.
3 is also the number of lines in each tri gram that makes up the hexagrams of The I ching (the book of changes). speaking of changes three is also the number of magor changes I’ve gone through this year. Bought a home, became a father, soon I will become a husband.

Oak, ash, and thorn were called the faery triad of trees. Where they grow together,it is still said that faeries live.
for more in three’s here’s three websites about three
the symbolism of three in spirituality
Significance of the number 3 in fairy tales
The Book of Threes

the weekend consists of three days So have a good three days. I’m going to go eat one of my main three meals a day.


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  • Earth is the third planet from the sun
    3 stages of life-birth, life, death
    3 trimesters in a pregnancy
    3 parts of the psyche–id, ego, superego
    3 life stages of women–maiden, mother, crone
    3 sides of a triangle
    3 phases of the Moon
    3 Fates in Greek mythology
    3 aspects of the Egyptian Sun God–rising, mid, and setting
    3 aspects of the Christian God–Father, Son, and Holy spirit
    3 aspects of the Celtic Goddess Brigid
    3 aspects of the Norn, in Norse mythology
    3 contemporary faiths in China- Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism
    3 Little Pigs
    3 Blind Mice
    3 Virtues–Faith, Hope, and Charity
    3 unalienable Rights of the Declaration of Independence-life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
    3 primary colors–red, yellow and blue
    3 w’s to designate a website-www.
    3’s abound in the structure and regs of freemasonry
    3 is the basis of a menage a trois
    3 words are considered to be Cesar’s most famous–I came, I saw, I conquered
    3 attributes lots of women are looking for in a man–tall, dark and handsome
    3rd molar in a human mouth is called the wisdom tooth
    3 ways in which humans perceive things-breadth, width, and depth
    3 basic types of stem cells…
    3 types of time–past, present, future.

Well, I could go on and on about the number three, and how often it shows up in all aspects of life, but, fortunately for me, someone else already did that .

So, are we stuck in a matrix, or what???
Sevens and twelves are also very fascinating numbers.
But 23 is kind creepy. more on those numbers later
3 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
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Três: aí entra alguém no meio. Ménage à trois. Uma trinca, no poker, é uma boa mão. Os três mosqueteiros, os três poderes, os três tipos de galáxias (espirais, elípticas e irregulares), as três estrelas que formam o cinto de Órion na constelação homônima, as três leis que os robôs de Issac Asimov.

Na psicologia, segundo Freud, nossa mente é composta pelo id, o ego e o superego, sendo o ego a “síntese” da relação antitética entre id e superego (instintos e valores, convenções sociais, numa resumida porca). A trindade Brahma, Vishnu e Shiva. A alma tríplice de Platão. No Vietnã, tirar uma foto de três pessoas dá má sorte. Três é o número das trilogias – filmes, livros, literatura de banheiro, etc., várias coisas acontecem em três.

Três eram os “valores” da burguesia de 1789: liberdade, igualdade e fraternidade. Também são três as cores básicas. Existe até um site sobre o número: The Book of Threes. Três é o número de discos do álbum All Things Must Pass, do George Harrison.

By Cabala Cavalo-de-pau de Éris & Tzara

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Good news comes in three’s

Good news comes in three’s