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Sports include many games structured in threes. In baseball, there are three strikes and you are out, three outs to an inning, and a trinity of trinities (3X3), in other words, 9 innings. Do you know about "Tinker to Evers to Chance?" Pictured to the right is none other than Joe Dimaggio.

NFL, National Football League

National Football LeagueNFL History

In 1920 the American Professional Football Association was formally organized to begin play in fall of 1920. The original teams were:

  • Canton Bulldogs
  • Cleveland Tigers
  • Dayton Triangles
  • Akron Professionals
  • Rochester (N.Y.) Jeffersons
  • Rock Island Independents
  • Muncie Flyers
  • Decatur Staleys
  • Chicago Cardinals
  • Hammond Pros

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Antarctica Cup International Yacht Race 2005

Information about "a non-stop race of 14,600 nautical miles for identical 25m Maxi Boats — passing the three most notorious capes on the planet; Cape Horn, Cape Agulhas, Cape Leeuwin." Site contains course and events details, boat specifications, brief background information on Antarctica, and race updates. Searchable.

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The numbers game (policy game)

The numbers game (policy game) is a form of lottery that Harlemites played on a daily basis. Even black professionals, influential, and so called "respectable," people played or participated in the games. The game is played by players betting on a series of three numbers from 0 to 999. Numbers runners would collect the money from the bettors each day, leave each bettor a receipt from what was called a "policy book," and then take the cash and policy book to the clearing house, also known as a policy bank. A player would win if his/her numbers matched a preset series of three numbers, which were found in daily newspapers as the last three digits of either the NYSE total, U.S. Treasury balance, or total bets at a selected racetrack. The numbers game seldom favored the players because the results were often "fixed." Continue reading The numbers game (policy game)


Players on the field: (aside from the goalie)
3 players up front in attack position
3 players playing midfield (called middies)
3 players on defense

three-bagger or three-base hit

NOUN: Baseball A base hit that allows the batter to reach third base without being put out. Also called three-bagger, triple.

three-card monte

NOUN: A gambling game in which the dealer shows a player three cards, then turns them face down and moves them around, and the player must guess the position of a particular card.

Hat Trick

Meaning: The accomplishment of three successes or wins.


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