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Nature is filled with threes. Land, sea, and air. People propagate many plants by three chief methods. These methods are: (1) cuttage, (2) grafting, and (3) layering. Forests a catagirized into three major groups: (1) coniferous forests, (2) temperate deciduous forests, and (3) tropical rain forests.

Sierra City, California


Everyone wants to climb the Buttes when they come to Sierra City, and it is a great reward on clear day You can see Mt. Lassen, a sliver of Mt. Shasta (150 miles distance), Desolation Valley wilderness west of Tahoe, the Sutter Buttes, Sierra Valley and the Coast Range in Lake County (Clear Lake/Cache Creek area) to the west.

Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Three Lakes Wisconsin

Highway 32 crosses over the thoroughfare between Big Stone and Deer Lakes via the "Northernaire Bridge." The Northernaire Hotel and Showboat are visible in the foreground while the newly developed golf course takes center stage. Laurel Lake's Denby Island is seen in the distance and Spirit Lake is shown in the upper left corner.