The Book of Threes
Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller explains threeness in the Universe

Buckminster Fuller The stability of the triangle The one quantum created in the tetrahedron How the icosahedron, the octahedron and tetrahedron create everything in the universe

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Falling in Love

We Only Fall In Love With 3 People In Our Lifetime—Each One For A Specific Reason

Love the 1st Time: The Love that Looks Right It’s been said that we really only fall in love with three people in our lifetime. Yet, it’s also believed that we need each of these loves for a different reason. Often our first is when we are young, in high school even. It’s the idealistic love—the […]

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Tetrahedron puzzle


Four triangular faces along with six edges meeting at four vertices together describe the regular tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is the root of all entanglements that shape the perceivable bonds that hold life together in this dimension. The regular tetrahedron can be found at the source of all three-dimensional forms and is fundamental in the creation of all […]

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Super Blood Moon 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon

The rare Super Blue Blood Moon is about to happen for the first time in 150 years! Early Wednesday morning brought a lunar event that hasn’t been seen since 1866. It was at least partially visible in all 50 U.S. states, though the views were better the farther west you live. Let’s break this down. […]

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You won’t actually smell Your skin will moisturize itself You’ll save so much extra time Ever skip a shower after a workout? Maybe. What about skip a shower for an entire month? That’s what one writer from The Atlantic, James Hamblin, set out to do. No, it wasn’t out of laziness (although we wouldn’t quite blame him). It was actually […]

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Hurricane season hasn’t peaked yet. Here’s what to expect

By Madison Park, CNN Updated 11:04 AM EDT, Thu September 07, 2017 • Storm activity tends to peak in September, as water warms and wind shear fades • Experts anticipated an above-normal 2017 hurricane season in the Atlantic (CNN) In what feels like a never-ending barrage of storms, this year’s hurricane season just passed the […]

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partial lunar eclipse


Eclipses, solar and lunar, have fascinated scientists and lay people for centuries. In ancient times, eclipses were seen as phenomena to be feared – many cultures came up with stories and myths to explain the temporary darkening of the Sun or the Moon. In recent centuries, eclipses have been sought after by scientists and astronomers who use the […]

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color blindness

There are three main kinds of color blindness, based on photopigment defects in the three different kinds of cones that respond to blue, green, and red light. Red-green color blindness is the most common, followed by blue-yellow color blindness. A complete absence of color vision —total color blindness – is rare. People with ‘faulty’ trichromatic […]

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The rule of three: The average gestation period for a pig is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days.  Swine wise.  Pigs tend to produce large litters in a relatively short period of time. A sow stays pregnant an average of 114 days, although it’s not uncommon for pigs to lose their babies before they […]

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