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beg, borrow or steal

Meaning: to do anything to get something. For example, "I would beg, borrow or steal that song because I love music so much."

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ball of wax

Meaning: Everything. For example, "If we understand this we understand the whole ball of wax."
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lucky in love

Meaning: Having good luck in relationships. For example, "She is lucky in love because she has a new boyfriend already."

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bite the bullet

Meaning: To adjust to unpleasant circumstances. For example, "The severe drought is forcing everybody to bite the bullet and use less water."

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devil may care

Meaning: A free and careless attitude. For example, "He has a devil may care attitude when it comes to dating."

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Lay an egg

Meaning: to make a mistake. For example, "Yesterday at the office I really laid an egg when I suggested that new company."

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The three R’s

  • reading
  • (w)riting
  • (a)rithmetic
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Instead of doing it twice (repeat), it gets dome three times (three-peat).

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Brew Ha Ha

I first heard this around 1974 on a Firesign Theater record, Lennon and Marx, in the skit Nick Danger, Third Eye. It went "What's all this breww ha ha?" Nick anawered "brew ha ha?" Then they went into laughter with ha ha ha.

I then heard it said regarding how Starbucks Coffee was causing a stir in the media by using quotations on their coffee cups. Brew ha ha was a clever play on words.

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AWOL – absent without leave

Meaning: To leave without permission. A military originated term which is often shortened to AWOL. For example, "Joe left his post and is absent without leave.

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Merry come

"Merry come, Merry leave, and merry come again."

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Lights, Camera, Action

In the entertainment business whether it's film, T.V., or on stage the actor or actress will  always hear "Lights, Camera, Action", whenever the director is ready to start shooting or rehearsing.