The Book of Threes
Jesus Christ

Jesus H Christ

The Etymology of Jesus H. Christ by Peter Kirby (May 11, 2003) Question: What is the origin of the H. in the phrase, Jesus H. Christ? There is no great mind which has not but come to rest on this important question. It is a question which every man must consider in the course of […]

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666 – Number of the Beast

Known as the Number of the Beast, the number 666 is associated with Satan in Christian tradition. Accordingly, it’s seen as an omen of bad luck, to the point where Ronald Reagan changed his street address from 666 to 668 after moving out of the White House. Fear of the number 666 is based on […]

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Superstition – walking under a ladder

Aside from being literally dangerous — what if something falls on your head? — walking under a ladder is considered bad luck for largely symbolic reasons. Early Christians believed that the number three was sacred for its connection to the Holy Trinity, and by extension, so was the triangle. When a ladder leans up against […]

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Ne’er do well

“an idle, worthless person; a person who is ineffectual, unsuccessful, or completely lacking in merit; good-for-nothing.”

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Elvis Presley

One for the money – Blue Suede Shoes

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go… That was Carl Perkins with Blue Suede Shoes. But where did the phrase come from? The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes and The Phrase Finder cite a horse race poem that is likely the source of the phrase. In […]

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I “kid you not”

Jack Paar I “KID YOU NOT” – Catchphrase used by Jack Paar. Paar, host of the Tonight Show from 1957 to 1962, ‘invented the talk-show format as we know it: the ability to sit down and make small talk big,’ said Merv Griffin. ‘Even youngsters sent to bed before Mr. Paar came on parroted his […]

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thick as thieves

Definition: Very close friends. For example: Those two are very close. They are as thick as thieves. Thick As Thieves (1999) – movie MOVIE INFO Two self-styled criminal masterminds find themselves in a turf battle neither much cares about in this underworld story that balances comedy against drama. Alec Baldwin plays Mackin, a career thief […]

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doonicky, dohicky, do-hicky an object with an unknown name, or whose name could not be thought of at the moment it was needed. see also thingymabob, thingymajig hey bob, get that dohicky that changes the channel.   doo·hick·ey noun /ˈdo͞oˌhikē/ doohickeys, plural A small object or gadget, esp. one whose name the speaker does not know or […]

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three cheers

Three shouts of hooray (Hoorah, Hurrah, Hurray etc…) given in unison by a group to honour someone or celebrate something. Hip Hip Hooray “Hip Hip Hooray” is the traditional response to “Three cheers for…” in many cultures, with the initiator calling out “Hip Hip” three times and each time the others responding “Hooray”. To this day, it […]

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