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The three principal ways of organizing a business are: as a sole proprietorship, as a partnership, or as a corporation. There are three major types of bankruptcy proceedings. A classic public relations technique is call The Rule of Threes.

California Today: A Proposal to Split California Into Three

California 3 regions
California 3 regions

California, home to nearly 40 million people, has commonly been declared ungovernable.

That’s why some people think we should carve it up.

In contrast to the so-called Calexit movement, which aspires to secession, these proponents see California’s salvation in greater local autonomy within the union.
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The online store where everything costs $3. 


Based in San Francisco and Minneapolis, Brandless was brought to life on July 11, 2017. We’re a group of thinkers, eaters, doers, and lovers of life with big dreams about changing the world. Our mission is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values. Better stuff, fewer dollars. It’s that simple.

Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer
Ian Bremmer

Bestselling author and global policy expert Ian Bremmer is the president and founder of Eurasia Group, a leading global political risk research and consulting firm. In his new book Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World, he considers the rise of Asia and how it impacts the evolving global role of the United States.

Trader Joe’s – three bells

Trader Joe's There’s a reason they ring the bell.

You may hear two rings, three rings, another two rings, and then just one.

One ring opens up another register, two means there’s a question at checkout, and three rings requests a manger.
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Herb Kelleher

Herb Kelleher
Herb Kelleher
Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, always said (paraphrasing), “If I take good care of my employees, then they will take good care of my customers. My customers, in turn, will take good care of my shareholders”. It is really that simple.

Disney Club 33

Disney Club 33
Disney Club 33
One of the most expensive clubs on the planet. Not many people know about it but Club 33 At Disneyworld has a 14-year long waiting list. If you happen to get on the list, a $40,000 initiation fee is required. Plus, you have to be the annual fee of $27,000.

The Club is entirely of limits from the public. Its members include Presidents of the United States, business leaders, and actors.

Steve Bannon – three lines of work

  1. National security and soventry
  2. Economic nationalism 
  3. Deconstruction of the administrative state

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Germany Outlines Three Laws of Robotics for Self-Driving Cars

Mike Brown September 8, 2016 Driverless cars

Germany is gearing up to lay down the ethical foundations for self-driving cars, banning A.I. from making decisions that could harm one group of people over another. The country’s transport minister has outlined the basis for future legal guidelines for driverless vehicles, rules that echo Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics, which manufacturers will be expected to work towards ahead of formal legalization.

In an interview with Wirtschaftswoche published Thursday (translated by A9T9 from German), transport minister Alexander Dobrindt stated there will be three key rules:

(1) “It is clear that property damage takes always precedence of personal injury.

(2) “There must be no classification of people, for example, on the size, age and the like.”


(3) “If something happens, the manufacturer is liable”
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3 Primary Reasons the Swiss Medical Board Recommended No More Systematic Mammograms

In a perspective piece published in the New England Journal of Medicine,two members of the Swiss Medical Board’s expert panel explained how they reached their conclusions. Three primary factors came into play: 
1. Outdated Clinical Trials
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