The Book of Threes

big bad wolf

A villain or other threat. The allusion is to the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs, who are menaced one after another in their respective homes of straw, twigs, and bricks by the Big Bad Wolf, who seeks to blow the houses down and eat their owners. The tag is often applied to men who have the […]

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SKYLLA Museum Collection: Musée du Louvre, Paris, France Catalogue Number: TBA Beazley Archive Number: N/A Ware: (Lucanian?) Red Figure Shape: Krater Painter: -- Date: ca 450 - 425 BC Period: Classical

SCYLLA (Skulla) and Charybdis

the names of two rocks between Italy and Sicily, and only a short distance from one another. In the midst of the one of these rocks which was nearest to Italy, there dwelt, according to Homer, Scylla, a daughter of Crataeis, a fearful monster, barking like a dog, with twelve feet, six long necks and […]

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A gourmand. The name  belonged to three celebrated Roman epicures, the most famous of whom was Marcus Gavius Apicius, who lived in the first century a.d. and was the author of a book of recipes known as Of Culinary Matters. When he was faced through financial difficulty with having to restrict himself to a plain diet, he killed himself rather […]

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Atalanta’s race - Three golden apples

Atalanta’s race

Atalanta’s race: A contest that is won through trickery. The allusion is to Greek mythology and the race that was run between the fl eetfooted huntress Atalanta and her suitor Hippomenes (sometimes identifi ed as Melanion). If Hippomenes won the race, according to the agreement, Atalanta would become his wife, but if he lost he […]

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apocryphal – to hide away

adjective 1. (of a story or statement) of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true. “an apocryphal story about a former president” synonyms: fictitious, made-up, untrue, fabricated, false, spurious. Of dubious authenticity or authorship; sham.The word refers to the Apoc- rypha, the books appended to the Old Testament but not forming part of the Hebrew […]

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