brainteaser – 4 squares to 3 squares

4 squares with 12-toothpicks
4 squares with 12-toothpicks

Here is a brainteaser involving 12 toothpicks that’s melting the grey matter of the entire internet. Can you beat it? The challenge is to turn this four-square pattern into just three squares. The rules? You can only move one toothpick at a time in any manner wish, but you cannot break or modify the toothpicks.

Answer below:

3 squares with 12-toothpicks
3 squares with 12-toothpicks

Move one: Take a pick from the top left and place it in the middle to the right of the box.

Move two: Take another from the top left and begin to form a new square on the far right.

Move three: Take the pick from the bottom center square and complete the new square. Easy!

Now you can try it with your friends and seem like a genius when you solve it.

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