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Looney Tunes – Pigs in a Polka 1943

Looney Tunes - Pigs in a Polka 1943

After an introduction by the wolf, the plot follows closely to the story of the three little pigs. The first pig erects a wire structure, then quickly bushels hay over the structure for the house. The second pig uses hundreds of matches to make up his house. The third pig goes through the tedious task of laying bricks

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Silly Symphony – The Three Little Pigs

A Walt Disney classic Silly Symphony the Three Little Pigs. An amazing piece of animation!

The Story of the Three Little Pigs


Once upon a time when pigs spoke rhyme
And monkeys chewed tobacco,
And hens took snuff to make them tough,
And ducks went quack, quack, quack, O!

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big bad wolf

big bad wolf
big bad wolf

A villain or other threat. The allusion is to the traditional story of The Three Little
Pigs, who are menaced one after another in their
respective homes of straw, twigs, and bricks by the
Big Bad Wolf, who seeks to blow the houses down and eat their owners. The tag is often applied to men who have the reputation of being sexual predators.
“I do get a bit tired of being the permanent Big
Bad Wolf ” (Diane Pearson, Voices of Summer, 1993).

Source:  http://www.greenvalleyhs.org/library/Documents/Allusions.pdf

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Three Little Pigs by Green Jelly

Three Little Pigs by green jelly

Album: Cereal Killer Soundtrack          Released: 1993
US Chart: 17     UK Chart: 5

This, and all the other songs on the album, were all first released on video in 1992. They all had videos accompanying the songs, and it could not be purchased in a music-only format. Because of this, the band billed itself as the world’s first video-only band, even though they had released an EP and some singles before the video.

The video for this song features a clay-animated reenactment of the fairy tale about the Three Little Pigs. The song tells a distorted version of the classic children’s story, with the first 2 pigs living a slacker lifestyle and the third a very successful pig who summons Rambo to kill the wolf.

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