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Euler’s Formula

Euler’s Formula says: for any convex polyhedron (which includes the five Platonic Solids) the Number of Faces plus the Number of Vertices (corner points) minus the Number of Edges always equals 2
 It is written: F + V – E = 2


Try it on the cube:

A cube has 6 Faces, 8 Vertices, and 12 Edges,


6 + 8 – 12 = 2

Source: http://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/platonic-solids-why-five.html

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Leonhard Euler

EulerAll patterns can be broken down into three elements: crossings, lines, and open areas. He thereby introduced the basic elements of structure (vertices, edges, and faces) which underlie all geometrical analysis. V + F = E + 2

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