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‘Three sides to every story’: Behind Trinity Mirror’s news-aggregation app


When launching a mobile news app, publishers don’t usually start by aggregating other publishers’ news. But that’s what Trinity Mirror is doing with its latest app, Perspecs.

The publisher, which already has 30 tablet editions and 14 news apps (Android and iOS) across its national and regional titles — including its biggest, Daily Mirror app — is now testing audience appetite for its own curation of third-party news and opinion aggregation.

The plan is not to offer breaking-news updates but to manually curate 10 stories from other publishers, which will run as a daily edition. Three different articles, often with opposing viewpoints, will run on each story, representing the left, neutral and right-wing political perspectives on the same story.

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Sounds Familiar Podcast – The Rule of Three

Sounds Familiar is a free podcast, now available on iTunes:

Is three really the magic number? Sometimes it seems like it. From three blind mice to sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, things that come in threes just seem… right.

This time I’ll speak with Michael Eck, who has tracked down and documented things in threes for decades, about why threes are so common, so relatable, and so powerful.

Wise Latina Woman

Soyna Sotomayor

Sotomayor Must Address ‘Wise Latina Woman’ Remark

July 13, 2009 by Michael Thompson

Sonia Sotomayor Should Dispose of ‘Wise Latina, Better Decision’ ASAP

Sonia Sotomayor’s “wise Latina woman” remarks in a 2001 speech constituted a poor choice of words. If she truly is a wise Latina woman, Sotomayor will acknowledge this publicly. She should do so as soon as the first question is broached Tuesday during her confirmation hearing to serve on Sotomayor Must Address ‘Wise Latina Woman’ Remark the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Three Beers For the Red White and Blue

Blue MoonBudLiteRed StripesThe president will drink Bud Light, White House Press Secretary Gibbs told reporters today.

Gates has said he likes Red Stripe,

while Sgt. James Crowley mentioned to the president that he prefers Blue Moon.


President Barack Obama proposed a “Beer Summit” to talk over issues involving the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. by Sgt. James Crowley.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a renowned, gray-haired Harvard professor. He’s no racial arsonist, and he’s certainly no criminal.

Cambridge Sgt. James Crowley is a decorated 11-year police veteran. He went to racially diverse schools. He taught a course for rookie cops on how to avoid racial profiling.

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