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MetaFilter Archive – The Book of Threes

December 5, 2001

Testing, 1 2 3. Madness or obsession? The Book of Threes collects things that come in threes. And it's not the only one. What does this stem from?

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Storytelling With the Magic of Threes

by Chris King

If we start to remember the familiar stories of our childhood, or look back on the fairytales collected by the brothers Grimm, or even recall or discover plots and characters in folktales from all over the world, we will notice a universal element — the use of threes. Remember "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and the "Three Little Pigs." Usually, if someone is given wishes, they are given three wishes. Many tales include three brothers. In this article, I am going to suggest why I think the use of threes in storytelling is so prevalent. But I would also love to hear ideas from you about the whys and hows of using three. Continue reading Storytelling With the Magic of Threes

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Hypothesis "TRIADS Structure of Everything"

By Brian Miller 



In December 2001 I became interested in something that I had never conscientiously heard of before. That something was "Theory of Everything". I began to see structures of THREE (two and one) all around and I made the decision as I felt it important to start recording these details, so as to try and make some sense of it all at a later date. With this I felt had the answer before I knew the question, which sounds a crazy thing to say, but it's true that's how I felt.

Everything I saw before me fell into place, when there was no out of place in the first instant. What you see before you is that record of those details as well as a record as such leading to the date shown at the bottom of this page. See what you make, of what seems to me, to be a very clear and simple concept. The label for two and one structures or structures of three is TRIAD(S ).

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from ‘Discourse & Conversation Analysis’

I'm sure you've encountered all manner of theories purporting to explain the significance of things coming in threes. Here is another one for your collection, from 'Discourse & Conversation Analysis', an interesting branch of sociology that concerns itself with the linguistic and behavioural conventions that underpin day-to-day social life.

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